Woodworking Shooting Board



High-end woodworking shooting board with miter fence that includes the Veritas shooting track for high repeatability and precision of square ends helps ensure clean and well-aligned joints like dovetails.


What’s included

This edge and end grain shooting board is made of cabinet-quality ApplePly Cherry plywood. The edge and end grain shooting board platform is approximately 16" x 16", with a baseboard measuring 14". The edge and end grain shooting board platform is 1/2" plywood, while the baseboard is 3/4" ply. The shooting board weighs approximately 10 pounds. It comes with a cleat to use as a bench hook or to clamp into a leg vise.


The fence on the shooting board is used to square edges (end grain) or 45-degree miters. Simply swing the fence down to the 45-degree hole and screw in the thumb screw to get to 45 degrees. No adjustment needed.



The shooting board is finished with two coats of Tried and True Varnish Oil, a zero VOC penetrating linseed oil with a pine resin finish that provides scratch-resistance and durability.


The shooting board is fitted with a high quality 16" aluminum track made by Veritas with a UHMW (low-friction) sliding surface and is installed as part of the upgraded configuration. This high quality upgraded track is only compatible with Veritas, Lie-Nielsen, and Stanley shooting planes. If you need to work with a different kind of hand plane, please email us for details.

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