Wooden Vise Screw Kit


When you're building a quality bench, and are looking to add a leg vise to it, this kit will provide for very high quality, handmade wooden screw that will last for years to come. This wooden vise screw kit is made entirely of hard maple and finished with one coat of BLO.

This is a complete wooden vise kit with a handle, garter, and nut. These vises are made to order, so please allow 7-10 days for delivery.


TPI: 2. For every 2 revolutions, the screw will move forward 1 inch.
Head Length: 4".
Head Diameter: 3.5"-4".
Screw Length: 17"-18".
Screw Diameter: 2.5".
Nut Size: 7" x 4" and 2" thick (approx). (Not finished with BLO to allow for attachment to the bench.
Handle Length: 16"-18". Rubber rings included on both ends.

* Due to the nature of wood, and color variability, a difference of color may exist throughput.


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