The Mia.


This beautiful made to order hand-made box makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Simple and elegant, this art piece is the perfect gift for a new home as art decor, or to hold a special gift for someone on their graduation, wedding, anniversary or birthday.


It features Cherry and Walnut woods, finished with high quality Shellac and Milk Paint to add a pop of color and personalization. Each box is unique in its wood pattern and tone variation.

I make each box using hand tools only. Each box gets close attention to detail and finish. From the fit of the box, to the beautiful sheen of shellac, these boxes are made with love and patience. It takes me 3-5 days to make a box depending on the number of boxes I have on order.

The outside of the box measures 6" Long x 3" Wide x3" High.
The interior of the box is 5.5" Long x 3.5" Wide x2.5" Deep.

How to order:
First choose the color. For a sample of the color names look at the image included. The colors are always approximate and your monitor will render them differently. You can see a sample of the colors here:

Choose a finish and insert: Standard options are Shellac with or without the insert. If you'd like the jewelry insert, choose the option with 'add insert'.

NOTE: Jewelry in the image is only an example and not included.


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