• Woodworker's Miter Shooting Board.

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Handmade (@) YelloWax.

Everything we make uses traditional woodworking techniques, using hand tools, to bring uniqueness to every piece. Our woodworker's tools are made of high quality materials, that provide use and durability for many years to come.

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Latest Posts.

I never apologize for the value of my work, and neither should you. - January 15, 2020

I often discuss with friends and colleagues in the woodworking community how we choose to price our work. It's an interesting debate that never results in an answer. The reality is that there is no one universal answer for: What is my work worth? Read more →


My Evolution In Sharpening My Tools: Evolution #7 & 8 - Oil Stones and Freehand - January 15, 2020

At his point, I want to get closer to what Maguire does. When I look at the Soft Arkansas Stone it is not as expensive as the Black Stone, and I order one. I fully vest into oil stones and sell the diamond stones. Selling the diamond stones covers for the cost of the soft oil stone and leaves me with a chunk of cash for future tool investments - Because in woodworking, we all have a Tool Acquisition Disorder (TAD). Read more →


My Evolution In Sharpening My Tools: Evolution #5 & 6 - Strop and Diamond Paste - January 15, 2020

Evolution #5: Re-Introducing the strop. I decide it is time for me to stop resisting the strop, and learn to use it right. Sharpening through a completely unnecessary number of stones to get sharp, and diamond paste makes re-adding the strop a clear option. Read more →